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Culinary Arts


What's  it all about?

Culinary Arts is a growing program in schools all across Georgia. This program is designed for students who want to become skilled in the “art” of cooking and who want to explore the possibilities of a career in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. In this program students will be exposed to numerous professions found in this industry such as, Executive Chef, Food Scientist, Personal Chef, Banquet/Event Managers and many more. Through our industry partnerships, our students will have opportunities to correlate classroom and lab based learning with industry experience through mentorships, internships, and job shadowing.


Why it’s important?

Culinary Arts programs are important to the restaurant industry. Culinary education programs teach students the skills necessary to build a career in today’s restaurant and food service industry. They also help place tens of thousands of students in jobs every year. A culinary arts class will teach students basic to advanced food preparation techniques and how to present meals in an artistic manner. Classes in culinary arts can provide students with a competitive edge in the food service or hospitality industries as well as improve their skills as a culinary artist. In our program students will be exposed to a general introduction to food preparation and in-depth training in specific culinary technique and how to be successful in the food service and hospitality industries.


Facts about the Industry

The restaurant and hospitality tourism industry is the second largest private-sector employer in the United States, and it adds jobs at a stronger rate than all other industries combined. By 2025, the restaurant industry is projected to add 1.7 million jobs.

*National Restaurant Association


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